Common Questions

Washing your house once a year protects your house against harmful algae and mold.

Most jobs take under one day, but each job different and dependent on the size of your home and services selected. At GO, we put together a before and after picture walkthrough of your service and share this with you. We walk through these photos with you in-person or virtually, so no worries if you are not home.

Price is dependent on several factors (i.e., square footage, added services, etc.). Please fill out our instant quote link to receive your quote today!

We ask questions that help us determine the scope of the project. With this information, we provide you with a customized quote for your home. At any time, feel free to give us a call, and we will answer any questions you have.

Yes, 100%! We use a biodegradable cleaner, and our process is safe for pets and plants.

Yes! Not only does pressure washing increase the value of your home, but our services protect your property. Per the National Association of Realtors, power cleaning the exterior of your home can add up to $15,000 to the sales price.

Day of Service Questions

No. At GO, we put together a before and after picture walkthrough of your service and share this with you via text and email. After your service is complete, we walk through the results using these photos with you in-person or virtually, so no worries if you are not home.

When scheduling your service online, we will provide you with our best arrival estimate. The day of your service you will receive a text message when the technician is on his/her way.

Yes. We need access to a working water spigot to provide service.

We work in the rain. If the weather is too extreme, our team will call you to reschedule.

Service Questions

Yes. Our process will take the algae off your home’s siding. GO’s house clean is designed to safely remove algae, mold, dirt, and other contaminants.

We offer exterior window cleaning as a premium service to our customers that you can select on your house wash quote. With GO’s window cleaning service, your exterior windows are squeegeed and dried.

The dark streaks are bacteria known as Gloecapsa Magma. The bacteria if untreated causes premature aging and rotting of your roof. GO’s roof wash and treatment removes these streaks to help your roof last longer.

We remove minor debris that is accessible by ladder only. Our roof clean and treatment is designed to eliminate the harmful bacteria that grows on the roof.

We neutralize algae and moss by with our roof treatment. It is not recommended to physically remove the moss from the roof. The moss will fall off naturally during our soft wash rise and over time.

After washing your home’s concrete, GO offers a concrete seal to help protect against cracking and chipping from the ups and downs of Texas weather.

We seal regularly poured concrete. Because stamped concrete is not porous, we only wash stamped concrete.

Oil and Rust Stains: No, we only can lighten these stains. These stains are permanent, but we do our best to make them look less noticeable.

Tire Marks: Yes! By using hot water and our special GO concrete cleaner, we remove most, if not all, tire marks.

Yes, using our GO concrete cleaner, we can safely remove leaf and pollen stains.

Payment Questions

Yes! We guarantee to deliver the best results possible for your home, using safe and effective methods, or we will refund you up to $5,000

After we walk you through the before and after results, we will collect your debit or credit card information for payment.

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